MY CHOICE – Katharina Ehrenfried

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It’s a bilingual story with the aim to encourage young readers and their parents and carers towards the study of diversity and foreign languages. To many parents and carers, bilingual experience is strictly linked to the concept of multiculturalism.
We do not only wish that our children learn a new language to improve their communication skills as soon as possible, but we also hope that they can understand how big is the world and how many ways to express themselves, to eat, to live, to exist, and how fascinating and worthy of respect each of them is.
While waiting for exploring the world with our kids and discover together these many possibilities, it is fundamental to take care of our sense of multiculturalism and, as a consequence, to pick books which can present new and different contexts and lifestyles, like this one does.

Katharina Ehrenfried lives with her partner, her sons and two birds in Berlin. She works passionately as a manager in a big international kindergarten (BCS Kindergarten & Preschool) and she develops a full program dedicated to diversity in Berlin. She has worked and studied in the USA, France, Colombia and the UK. She has also worked in nurseries and public schools, Montessori and Waldorf Schools, with children with and without disabilities, adults and teenagers.



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