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Each poem in this book speaks about experiences and thoughts since the author was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder and since she metaphorically felt “ Thunder in my head. Rain on my cheeks.”
In a society that too often does not understand mental illness, these poems help to open the eyes on the topic and to connect with the author’s experiences.
“You cried. I comfort. I cried. You watched.”: as a poem in the book says, too often people are left alone dealing with these issues. But everyone deserves a happy future. The key thing is to seek help. This is the message full of love and hope that the author wants to send out. The hope is to help people with mentally ill friends, family or co-workers to understand it better than they did till now.

Joe M. is a young woman who has struggled with mental illness since her early teens and part of her childhood and still does to this day. She got lost in the diseases and couldn’t distinguish the differences between her personality and the diseases. As a result, she was never able to develop selfconfidence and always had to fight for her life. Writing down the feelings and thoughts helps her like a form of therapy, from which this book arose. After realizing how common mental illnesses are, she wanted to use this book to show those people with illness that they are not alone and to give people who don’t know what it feels like to live with an insight to react more empathetically to their fellow human beings and understand them to be able to. She grew up in a little village with her family and wants to move to a big city in a few years to follow her dreams. Today she plans to study at a university in order to gradually get closer to her goal and keeps writing down her thoughts and ideas. She loves all kinds of art and wants to be a part of it.


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